The Numbers are In….

 The numbers are out for the 1st month of The White House yesterday announced that 100,000 people signed onto the site for insurance through the Obamacare Web Site. Just over 1/4th – or some 27,000 people – purchased insurance through the federal exchanges. HHS Director Kathleen Sibelius said the numbers will be going up as improvements are made to the national website.

    Congressman Jeff Duncan yesterday said the low numbers prove that the law is bad for our nation. He said “The President’s team can try to twist the truth, but the fact remains that 50 times more people have lost their insurance as a result of the healthcare law than have been insured through ObamaCare.”

  The Congressman added “With millions of Americans losing the health plans they like, prices of premiums rising, and work hours and jobs being slashed, it is only going to get worse. It’s time for the President to acknowledge that ObamaCare was a terrible mistake and is an unworkable law. I will continue to push for repealing and replacing this misguided law and putting Americans, not the government, in charge of their health care.”