Expansion Coming at Norbord

  In spite of tough economic times over recent years, Norbord Wood Products Company is investing another $30 million to expand its Laurens County operations.

   An attorney representing Norbord was at Laurens County Council’s meeting  this week as council is in the process of approving an ordinance to extend a Fee-in-Lieu-of-Tax agreement with the company.

   Attorney April Lucas addressed the plans for expansion of their plant near Joanna. She said “Thank you for all the support from Laurens County on Norboard’s $30 million expansion, which is coming on the heels of a terrible economy which deeply hurt the wood products industry as much as any.” She added “We have survived and were here in 2009 and invested then, and we are investing now.” She said “Norboard asked me to come and thank you all at this time.”

  County Council held a public hearing on the Ordinance that extends the F.I.L.O.T. as well as providing credits for a Multi-County Industrial Park for the upcoming expansion at Norbord. These hearings are usually held prior to the final, 3rd reading of county ordinances, but was moved to be held in conjunction with this past Tuesday night’s 2nd reading at the request of Norbord so that Ms. Lucas could be present.

  The 3rd reading is planned for Council’s December 10th meeting.