Greenville Woman Arrested Outside Wal-Mart Distribution

 The Sheriff’s Office responded to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center at 5:32 yesterday afternoon on a report of a woman harassing people in the center’s parking lot. A woman from the Center reported that a woman had broken out the back window of a Ford F-150. One piece of asphalt was found inside near the broken window and another was found lying on the passenger side of the truck. The officers were shown a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato found in the bed of the pickup. They were told of a woman having called to speak with a man employed in the Distribution Center. Shortly after the call, the subject was observed on the property. Deputies located the woman wearing items matching the description they had received. They also reportedly found foil wrapper for Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato in her proximity.

  50-year-old Gitano Carmelita Hawthorne of 217 Morningside Drive, Greenville was arrested by Sgt John Carter and charged with Trespassing, Open Container, Public Intoxication & with Malicious Damage. The charges came in tickets issued at 6:14 last evening at Vern Cora Road. Ms. Hawthorne was being held overnight for a bond hearing today.