Possible Kidnapping Attempt Foiled

 An apparent kidnapping attempt dispatched the Sheriff’s Office to a residence in the Wattsville Community at 8:19 last night. A woman said someone attempted to pick up her 15-year-old daughter about an hour ago. The girl told Deputy Jeremy McMahan that she was on Stevens Street walking home from a cousin’s house when a black SUV pulled up behind her driving slowly. She said it was occupied by 5 or 6 males around 18 to 30 years old. She said they called her by her name and tried to get her to get into the vehicle, but she kept walking. She said two of the males got out of the vehicle and started pushing her back and forth, then tried to get her inside the SUV. She said an older model red car with an older couple in it then pulled up and the two guys got back into the black SUV and they left. She said later her sister and aunt pulled up and gave her a ride back home. In describing the two men who allegedly tried to get her into the SUV, she said one was chunky with ‘poofy’ hair, weighing about 215 pounds. She said the other was skinny and wore glasses. She was unable to provide much information on the older couple who apparently scared off her would-be abductors, other than to say their red car appeared to be an older model Blazer without tinted windows.