Vandalism in the House…then to Car


   Laurens Police responded to a Truman Street residence at 1:37 yesterday morning on a report of vandalism. A man said he had left the house around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon and returned at 1:30 to find his flat screen TV and some mirrors in the living room were smashed, along with another TV and mirror in a bedroom. A woman who was at the residence when he left said she had left and spent a couple of hours with another man, then returned to find the door of the house open.

   Laurens Police responded back to that a Truman Street residence with lights and siren at 3:57 yesterday morning after the man who lives there reportedly called and stated the same woman was back at his residence, and that he had a firearm and was going to kill her. Sgt. Michael Gainey arrived on the scene, drew his firearm and called for the man to come to the door without his firearm. The man reportedly stepped onto the front porch. When ordered to put the firearm away, he reportedly went back inside then returned. However, a check inside didn’t reveal the firearm. The man reportedly said he had threatened use of a firearm to scare the woman. Apparently it worked, as she had left the scene, and officers were not able to locate her during their initial search yesterday. Charges are pending for her arrest, meanwhile, in connection with an estimated $250 damage to the man’s Cadillac outside his home. Police found the windshield broken, and a big piece of concrete lying on the ground beside it.