SC Senator Scott on ‘The Nuclear Option’


   The President and many Democratic Senators are praising the move yesterday changing Senate rules to make it easier to win approval of some Presidential appointments.

   Among Republican Senators speaking out against the change was South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Calling it an “unprecedented power grab,” Scott suggested the move came to try to shift people’s attention away from what he called “the disastrous Obamacare rollout.” Senator Scott called the change in Senate rules “short sighted,” and said “it carries implications Democrats are going to have to live with when Republicans retake the Senate.” Scott added “It is also unfortunate that Senator Reid and Senate Democrats have developed amnesia in regards to how they acted when Republicans were in the majority. While they held up nominations for up to a thousand days under President Bush, Democrats have now decided to invoke the nuclear option over nominees for a court that doesn’t even have the workload to keep the judges it has busy.”

  Yesterday’s rule change will keep filibusters from blocking nominations such as the current attempt to fill vacancies on the Washington, DC Appeals Court. It will not change the rules that require a 60% vote to override Supreme Court appointments.