The Top Ten Subjects the Appropriateness and Decency Committee

#10… Based on special meetings and alerts created by a previous Top Ten, we have been cautioned about speaking further about Toll Booths being placed on Interstate 385

#9 … The low supply and resulting high cost of Sudafed …it’s no longer easy to get enough of the stuff to really take care of a nasty cold, but for some reason they don’t want us to go there.  

#8 … The sale of alcohol from the sight-seeing tour boats on the Little River in Laurens …I don’t think the council vote to sell beer at concerts beside the river was intended to authorize this!  

#7 … The Proliferation of Possums in Greater Joanna …it’s becoming a problem, Randy!

#6 … The desperate need of paint on the Laurens railroad tussle on North Harper

#5  …We are told we should no longer speak of the nocturnal activities of our Bovine friends in the fields around Gray Court.  

#4 … The trials and tribulations of a woman who just wanted to wear Pajamas while she came to school with her child.….I think she went from there to Wal-Mart!

#3 … The Buzzards of Laurens’ West Main Street Water Tower. 

#2 … the traffic snarl at the US Post Office in Laurens  …this is the definition of what it really means to go postal! Randy, we’re taking our lives into our hands just trying to visit the post office!

# 1 … The personal hygiene situation in various portions of the WLBG broadcast center, especially after certain people have spent a delightful evening at the India Palace