Top Ten Dishes for Left-Over Thanksgiving Turkey


 #10… Turkey Nibbles. Tonight, we’ll still be full from the midday feast so we’ll just nibble on some remaining white meat around the breast bone. 


#9 …Popcorn Turkey. It’s like the Chipped Beef dish so many people love, only with turkey. Lots and lots of turkey covered in a cream sauce. It’s really delicious with big fat chunks of mushroom.


 #8 …Turkey Dressing. You get all of the left-over dressing, chop up some remaining turkey parts and mix it all together. Cover it all with chopped onions and left-over turnip greens and bake it for 15 minutes. It is to die for!


#7 … Turkey Casserole. This helps you not only use up the remaining turkey but also gets rid of any left over beans, peas, corn niblets and even asparagus if you don’t mind adding a chewy component. You can really kick this up a notch by adding some hominy!


#6 …Turkey – Rhubarb Pie.  Turkey….it’s not just for the main course anymore. Pieces, properly picked from the bone, finely mixed with delicate Rhubarb, freshly imported from Minnesota. ….A vastly underrated treat.


#5  … Turkey Meth:  You know, some meth-heads can be thankful, too. To make this, you use a quart of Prestone Anti-freeze, a pint of Drain-O, a cup of Turkey Fat and you season with a few shakes of lithium powder; then cook it for 20 minutes in a 3-pint plastic Coca-Cola bottle. They say it has an odd taste initially then gives quite a bonus kick. It doesn’t correct your dental issues but it may clean up your skin!


#4 … Turkey Van Da Lu. This is inspired by our friends at the India Palace. You take the now aging carcass and add lots of red-hot Indian Spices! The curry turns the turkey into a beautiful orange-yellow color. What a delightful and tasty Treat!


#3 …Turkey Cajun Bar-B-Que. You chop up parts you have avoided so far, then liberally apply Tabasco Sauce and call it Cajun Bar-B-Que.  And, unlike most BBQ, this dish is Kosher!  


#2 … Turkey Tummy:  with all the hot spices from some of our earlier dishes, this is designed to help soothe your tummy. It has a purée of turkey mixed with Milk of Magnesia and an added dash of Pepto-Bismol for color and added soothing.


# 1 …It’s the Un-Turkey dinner. That old bird has hung around for so long, that odd color you noticed a few days before is now taking on deeper dimensions, so the best solution is to chunk it – let the Buzzards on West Main have a go at it – and let’s all head out to the Hub for a Cheeseburger Plate!